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Many thanks to Ben Morgan @Ben_J_Morgan8

Yesterday at Northants CCC we had the pleasure (and it was a pleasure) to meet and have a chat with Ben. For the first time in ages, I was the small chap…! Knowing what I do about Thrombosis and Ben’s recent injury/treatment it was wonderful to hear of the care and

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Thank you @SteelbacksCheer @legsout4LB @northantsccc

So there we were, meeting and chatting to the Northampton CCC squad, getting the Charity Oars and Charity Bats signed, all to help our fundraising campaign. Then all of a sudden the rather dashing Steelback Cheerleaders rather elegantly strolled past.

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Kumar Sangakkara @OfficialSLC @KumarSanga2 meets the @charityoars @northantsccc

So as you know I love the game of cricket, in my ageing mind I’m remembering facts like how I scored more runs and took more wickets during my sporting career. Who knows, by the time I’m 60 I might have

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So who has signed the Charity Oars so far …?

Just had a great question from a follower of @charityoars and it was this: “Who has signed the Charity Oars so far?” In an ideal world we would have all the images on our web-site, alas we’re still waiting for the site to be completed. We were (are) a CSR project, but we still remain […] Click for more...

5 Grand Slams & now the Charity Oars in sight..! @jordannejoyce92

On the 23rd March 2011 I injured my knee playing tennis, the injury culminated in the events of the 12th April 2011. I loved playing sport, the competitiveness, the focus, the drive to be better. These feelings from a rather dodgy old cricketer and someone who returned to playing competitive tennis after a 20(ish) year […] Click for more...

@AdrianDewey your mission if you decide to accept it …!

With the signature tune of Mission Impossible playing away in the background ……!! We headed up the A1 to Peterborough, for a secretive rendezvous with the rather talented, jovial and absolute decent chap that is Adrian Dewey… yes, the Charity Oars (and Charity Cricket Bats) were about to be “snapped” and made to look even […] Click for more...

On the 12th April 2011 my life changed in an instant, things were never going to be the same for me or for my loved ones.  I had suffered a massive pulmonary embolism which had started as a DVT in my right leg, the DVT had been caused by a knee injury sustained whilst playing tennis. People often say "if only I’d known", well that’s one way of putting it...!


At the beginning of 2014 it was time to take some control back and to start the next chapter of my life. The Charity Oars are my way of saying that I’m still here, and to say thank you to those who have made sure I still am.


Let’s all “speak up about thrombosis” and save lives together …


As the Charity Oars awareness campaign evolved, I became a Trustee of Thrombosis UK, a Member of a NICE Committee and a Member of the NCEPOD panel. During this time, I had the pleasure of meeting Professor Richard Beasley of the MRINZ (Medical research Institute of New Zealand). Professor Beasley had undertaken clinical research on the threat of Thrombosis within those of a sedentary lifestyle and work practice. The research was published, and clinical trials were subsequently undertaken on the revolutionary medical device that had been developed through the research.


My wife and I have subsequently set up RBR active™ Limited, and we are proudly bringing the RBR legflow™ to the market place. We’re personally financing the project as we both feel that the benefits of the device are far too important to stay simply as a clinical research project.


To find out more about the RBR legflow™ please visit

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Charity Oars